The Gospels in Practice

Xavier Woon
3 min readDec 19, 2020

Applying biblical principles at work & home

Over the years, much research has been carried out on two keys aspects of our lives where we spend most of our time — our work and our families. Psychologists, academics, and thought leaders have spoken and wrote about ways to help improve our lives. Notwithstanding the theories expressed in their best-selling books, many of them are extensions of the truths Jesus taught more than two thousand years ago. Let’s take a tour through the Gospels and explore His teachings. You will be surprised that people, regardless of faith, ethnicity, and culture, have applied these timeless Biblical principles to lead meaningful lives at work and in their families.

Mark 1:1–8 Be Prepared

Mark 1:9–13 Teach & Train Those You Care

Mark 1:14–20 Coach, Not Control

Mark 1:21–28 Authority Flows from the Truth

Mark 1:29–39 Discern What is Needed

Mark 1:40–45 Accept People for Who They Are

Mark 2:1–12 Strength in Forgiveness

Mark 2:13–17 Strength in Diversity

Mark 2:18–22 Learn with A New Mindset

Mark 2:23–28 Don’t Follow Rules Blindly

Mark 3:1–6 Establish Trust First

Mark 3:7–12 Embrace Diversity

Mark 3:13–19 Empower Others with Purpose

Mark 3:20–21 Grow Out of Your Comfort Zone

Mark 3:22–30 Stay United

Mark 3:31–35 Acting on A Common Goal

Mark 4:1–20 Communicate with Love & Clarity

Mark 4:21–25 Discover & Use Your Talents

Mark 4:26–34 Develop Potential Early

Mark 4:35–41 Be Here but Not Interfere

Mark 5:1–20 Address the Concern

Mark 5:21–43 Be Humble

Mark 6:1–6 Be Obedient

Mark 6:7–13 Plan & Take Action

Mark 6:14–29 Practice Integrity

Mark 6:30–34 Reflect & Give Hope

Mark 6:35–44 Give Thanks