Give Thanks

Xavier Woon
3 min readNov 16, 2020

Read Mark 6:35–44

Photo by Kevin Curtis on Unsplash


Jesus and His disciples returned successfully from their mission and were swamped by people everywhere. To get some rest, He and His disciples sailed across the lake. However, the people saw them departed and walked quickly around the lake and met them when they landed. Seeing them hunger for the Word of God, Jesus taught them. It was late in the day and His disciples were concerned that the crowd had no food with them. So, Jesus should let them return home to eat. Instead of following their advice, Jesus asked His disciples to provide food for the crowd! Of course, His disciples were shocked. There were 5,000 men in this remote place and they had only two hundred denarii. Jesus instructed them to find out what food was available among the crowd. When His disciples returned with five loaves and two fish, Jesus blessed and gave thanks to God. This ritual of thanksgiving mirrored God’s provision of manna to the Israelites wandering in the desert. When His disciples distributed the five loaves and two fish to the crowd, everyone had sufficient to eat. This miracle reflected the generosity of God and prefigured Jesus as the Bread of Life.

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