Biblical Parenting Series

Early Childhood Development

Start our parenting journey right

Xavier Woon
3 min readJun 26, 2022

The prenatal period to the beginning of primary school education is the time where children seek parents’ love, care & attention. It is also the time where they are open to learning. What can parents learn about early childhood development that help their infants, toddlers & young children grow up to be more Christ-centred and ready for learning? What are the biblical principles that enable parents to start right when their children’s brains are highly flexible & adaptable? These three-weekly sessions draw on the life of the infant Jesus, Joseph & Mary, and contemporary developmental research to show the importance of parents being involved with their children and the longer-term impact. Parents can learn simple activities and interaction that help their children prepare spiritually, emotionally & cognitively for this challenging world.

Session 1. Learning with Joy

We learn about the basics of the human brain and become aware that learning for our children starts in utero. Our children are optimized for learning. While our school system is excellent, learning is not the job of teachers only. Parental involvement gives our children the experience expectant, that is, the natural desire to learn. So, we should approach learning the right way because it impacts their future.

Expecting Mother

In this session, parents will learn —

  1. The early development of our brains
  2. The preparation needed for our children to learn
  3. Our involvement & interaction

Session 2. Tending the Garden

Understanding the presence of stress is important. Positive stress, for example, being nice to another, the first day of school, inoculation etc. stretches our children’s abilities. It should be present in appropriate doses. Tolerable stress, for example, family death, conflict, witness to a violent event etc. are unavoidable sometimes and should be opportunities for parents to have teaching moments…



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